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women and gender discussion boardRespond 1 and 2 .and write the simliar entry, pretend you are a girl.1.Since I was born, I knew that I am a boy, a member of male. Since I was in kindergarden, I was told that I am a boy and I need to behave like a strong boy in many ways. Due to the local tradition of over-protection for boys, I tended to be not so strong physically and psychologically so I was kinda discrinimated by my classmates because they thought that I did not behave like a boy but more like a little effeminate girl instead. Since my teachers decided to protect me in a way that illustrated how weak I was later on, I started to make up my mind to change myself in Grade 4 after beginning to be interested in tennis, soccer and basketball. I began to become stronger and stronger both physically and psychologically since I had learnt to achieve goals with efforts and sweats. Later on I am no more being regarded as a girl-like boy since I am already strong enough to join those boys and men.2I am a female and I am from Spain. It is very important to take in consideration that Spain is a very traditional country. However, my parents did not treat my brother and I in a different way. Unfortunately, society does. In addition, my school was catholic and the uniform was very strict and different for boys and girls.The sport teams were restrictive and often accepted males only which made me feel sad because I have always liked sports and wanted to join some sports were girls were not accepted and, consequently, neither was I. I never questioned my gender, I have always loved my gender but I am also aware that because of it, I have been discriminated or left behind in some activities.Answer


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