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Recently, several trends have begun emerging in SDLC. They include service-oriented architecture, rapid application development, extreme programming, and agile methodology. You will have a chance to consider some of them, along with the phases of the SDLC, in this assignment. Please respond to all of the following prompts: Q - Imagine that you are shepherding a project or system through the SDLC. Give an overview of what would happen in each phase of the SDLC. What challenges will you face, and what tasks will you undertake?Q - Select two systems analysis/design trends and explain how you think they will alter the shape of systems design in the years to come. You must reference two quality, peer-reviewed journal articles in your original post. In addition, you must reference one quality, peer-reviewed journal article in at least one of your peer responses. This must be of original content. 1-2 pages


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