(Solution)-When a rocket ship is at rest with respect to us,


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4.When a rocket ship is at rest with respect to us, its length is 100m. How long do we measure its length to be when it moves by us at a speed of 2.4*10^8 m/s, or 0.8c?7. in the Young’s experiment, the two slits are 0.04mm apart, and the screen is located 2m away from the slits. The third bright fringe from the center is displaced 8.3cm from the central fringe. a) Determine the wavelength of the incident light.b) Where will the second dark fringe appear. 8.A diffraction grating having 20,000 lines per inch is illuminated by parallel light of wavelength 589nm. What are the angles at the first and second – order bright fringes occur? 10.An object 4cm high is located 10cm from a thin, converging lens having a focal length of 20cm. What are the nature, size, and location of the image?


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