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We had two discussion this week, can you help me please. Thank youImplementing a Health Information SystemA well designed health information system can lead to safer patient care and to streamlined work processes. Yet in most circumstances, the introduction of new technology brings new hurdles to overcome and can even cause staff frustration and inefficiency. This is especially true if the IT implementation strategy is not appropriately defined and planned. Prepare for this Discussion as follows:Consider the types and purposes of systems that are implemented in health care organizations and the needs of the diverse stakeholders (including clinicians, staff, and patients) who use these systems.Select a specific type of system in a clinical or administrative area of particular interest to you. Invent a scenario in which this system is being introduced into a particular (hypothetical) health care organization, and you are a member of a cross-functional team charged with leading the system's implementation.Conduct online research to find out more information, as needed, about the requirements of and challenges related to using this system.Think through the steps needed for a successful implementation of this system, and anticipate likely obstacles, both technical and human, in the implementation phase. For your scenario, what would your implementation plan include? Post by Day 4 a response to the following:Briefly, describe the information system and the hypothetical health care organization you have selected for this scenario.As a member of a cross-functional team charged with leading the implementation of this system, describe two challenges that your team might expect to encounter during the implementation process. Provide a rationale for your response.Describe two critical factors for the successful implementation of that system. How do you think these two approaches will help mitigate the anticipated challenges?Read a selection of your colleagues' postings.


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