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Chooseone of the following to complete:Createan 8- to 10-slide presentation, including detailed speaker notes, based on the Week 4 Persuasive Messages Part I assignment.Apply the principles of designing effective slides discussed in the textbook as you develop your presentation.Include at least one visual to support on your slides, for example, using a line chart to show increasing sales. Include the following in presentation slides:TitleIntroductionRecommendationBenefitsImpact if product or service does not sell as much as expectedConclusionReferences-OR-Create a 3- to 5-minute video based on the Week 4 Persuasive Message Part I assignment.Use an app or program such as Movenote®, Knovio®, Presentme®, or another video recording application to complete this activity. Include the following in the video:TitleIntroductionRecommendationBenefitsImpact if product or service does not sell as much as expectedConclusionReferencesClick the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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