(Solution)-The chosen ethical incident is when Dale has to choose between


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Watch the film Title: Margin call (2011, United States, Directed by J.C. Chandor) Task Identify an ethical incident Choose one incident except the one relating to the emergency board meeting where the choose fire sale their assets, and John Tuld’s firing of Sarah Robertson Analyze the selected ethical issue by answering the following questions (350-450 words). 1. What is your chosen incident? Describe the situation with relevant characters. 2. Why have you identified this particular plot point, incident, or character interaction as an ethical issue? Apply ethical theories to explain and justify the ethical issue of dilemma at the heart of the selected incident. 3. What action would you have taken in this situation and why? Was it possible to behave ethically in this situation to bring about desired outcomes without incurring negative consequences? Eligible ethical theories are: 1. Deontology 2. Consequentialism 3. Virtue ethics


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