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Hello, I have an assignment due in my Project Management and Administration class that I am overburdened with coursework and a final project in at the moment. I would really appreciate some help in completing my assignment. Thank you very much! TITLE: DEFINING WORK Jason is the project manager for a manufacturing company. After several weeks of planning sessions, a team member informs him that a part of the production work needs to be outsourced to another company since they don’t have the relevant expertise in-house. What actions should Jason take to obtain a contractor to do the work? What project management tools can Jason use to facilitate obtaining a contractor to do the work? Submission Requirements: Submit a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications: ? Ensure that you include a reference page listing the resources used ? Font: Arial; font size: 12; double-spaced ? Length: 2–3 pages, excluding the reference page ? Citation Style: APA


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