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please answer thse questions.What is maslows method?How did Ralphlauren create three levels of feelings in his ads?What is a technique in mountain dewmocracy?What was teacher saying mostly important about ads execution technique and this explanation?What is abstract content about media planning , media objectivity and media strategy?What is the meaning and example about reach in media terms?Why is share of total market or size markeing problem?What was teacher stressing about media planning difficulty?What is target audience coverage?What is flighting in scheduling methodsWhat is target rate point ? ( I cant understand it seriously)What is clutter?Why is mass coverage in television advantage?Why is low selectivity in television disadvantage?What is longtivity and what is the problem about source credibility?Which is limited reach in internet disadvantage?Why is the negative effect about distrust in TV?When news channel promotes products ,is it be truste more or less? And why?


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