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I need to do a case study on Kindle Fire its very short just 2 pages.(PLEASE SEE PDF ATTACHED) V11 Preparation Questions for casesEach case must have a SWOT analysis followed by a statement of what the issues or problems are. The maximum length for this is two typed pages 12pt font and 1.5 spacing Sample OutlineName of caseSynopsisA paragraph outlining the main points of the caseLearning Objectives3 or 4 learning objectivesUse of caseFor example: Case can be used in a product strategy class on the MBAPreparation QuestionsDepending on the case, there should be 4 to 6 questions about the caseAnalysisSome general points should be made then each question set should be answered.Post ScriptIf known describe what they did or did not do. Otherwise make some concluding points. -------Questions are to be answered at the end.Kindle Fire case KEL 7701. What is the Kindle Fire? Would you categorize it as a “tablet”? Why?2. Who should Amazon target with the Kindle Fire? Give reasons for your suggestions.3. How should Amazon position the Kindle Fire relative to the iPad and the other tablets on the market? What about positioning it relative to e-readers?4. Assume that Amazon follows the model favored by wireless service providers, which heavily subsidize an expensive phone in return for a long-term contract. This would mean a minimum two year contract that commits Amazon customers to a level of spending that is consistent with the average Kindle Fire customer. Do you think a subsidy of $99 for the hardware is justified? Why?5. If you were the Apple CEO, what would you do to respond to the Kindle Fire?


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